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The major principle of Alaman Consulting's work is to provide exceptional service in combination with innovative technologies and concepts at the world level. Our company has a dynamic and flexible range of services, which allows us to operate efficiently with specific requests of our customers, regardless of the region. Just transfer the entire burden of organizational concerns to us, trust experts.

At your service is a professional team consisting of experienced professionals in the field of MICE, business tourism and event-services. Over the years, we have also built an extensive network of business contacts with host companies, hotels, airlines, reservation systems, exhibition organizers and other contractors with whom we work on a tender basis around the world. Therefore, our experts with the same confidence will hold the event in Portugal, Georgia, Barbados or Tanzania

Our services


We provide a comfortable stay for participants abroad, including related services, including:

- visa support;

- hotels reservation;

- group and individual transport services in the host country;

- medical insurance;

- customer support, including interpreter services;

- legal and judicial assistance;

- representation in courts and state bodies;

- and other consulting assistance at the discretion of the client.


We provide:

- proceed and facilitate negotiation process with the artists and on-stage performance groups with the goal of organizing concerts and performances around the world;

- marketing activities aimed at the commercialization of any concert or performance;

- rent of concert halls, as well as venues for symposiums, conferences and seminars;

- services for technical support of activities, including search and rent of necessary technical equipment and musical instruments;

- concert management services;

- search for reliable partners in the required area;

- organization of representative dinners and receptions.


We provide:

- organization of group and individual tickets for flights all over the world;

- charter flights in any direction;

- passenger and cargo rail transportation, logistics, custom clearance.

Events organized by us or with our support

- Astana Cultural days in France (Paris, 2014), on request of Department of Culture of Astana city;

- Tours of the "Astana Ballet" Theater in Hungary (Budapest, 2015), Poland (Warsaw, Wroclaw, 2016) and the Kingdom of Belgium (Brussels, 2017);

-Tour of State Academic Orchestra named by Dina Nurpeissova in France (Paris, 2014), Turkey (Manisa, Istanbul, 2014), Germany (Berlin, Munich, 2014), Austria (Vienna, 2014), Hungary (Budapest, 2017), and Serbia (Belgrade, 2017);

- Tour of Academic Musical College “Academy of Folk music named by Dina Nurpeissova” in Austria (Vienna, 2017), Turkey (Ankara, 2018), Italy (Naples, 2018), Kazakhstan (Astana, 2019), Great Britain (London, 2019), France (Paris, 2019);

- Tour of the Symphony Orchestra of the Kazakh National University of Arts in Germany (Berlin, 2021), Austria (Vienna, 2019 and 2021);

- Concert events in Austria dedicated to the year of Kazakhstan in Austria (Vienna, 2013);

- Concert of the Austrian dance group "Flying Bach" in Astana, on request by the company "Red Bull";

- Holding of National Day of Austria and organizing the concert of Vienna Boys Choir (Astana EXPO, 2017);

- Meeting of Economic Austrian Delegation and recreating of ethnic village in steppe (Astana EXPO, 2017);

- Organization of recreating of ethnic village and national concert for Young Presidents Organization (YPO) Kazakhstan (Astana EXPO, 2017);

- Organization and holding technical sessions with participation of representativesof Middle Eastcountries, the Caribbean and Africa (Astana EXPO, 2017);

- Organization of training meetings, seminars and exchange of experience on the issues of modernization and improvement of the housing and municipal services system for the representatives of housing and municipal services of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Hungary and Austria (Budapest, Vienna, 2016 and 2017);

- Charter transportation during the OSCE summit.

EXPO 2020 Dubai

Connecting Minds, Creating the Future, EXPO 2020 Dubai was held and attracted over 24 million visitors from October 1, 2021 to March 31, 2022.

Ensuring the cultural and image activities of the National Pavilion of the Republic of Kazakhstan was entrusted to our company.

The professional team of Alaman Consulting GmbH organized performances by over 200 representatives of culture, who demonstrated their skills to the visitors of the Exhibition.

In addition to the daily concert program, we organized and held: the National Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan, celebrations in honor of the 30th anniversary of the Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the celebration of Nauryz Meiramy; as well as a solemn reception with the participation of the Prime Minister and members of the government of the Republic of Kazakhstan, representatives of the political elite of the United Arab Emirates and other countries as part of the National Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

As part of cooperation with NC QazExpoCongress JSC, we ensured the holding of the Kazakhstan Trade and Investment Forum at the Dubai Exhibition Center, which was attended by the Prime Minister, heads of relevant ministries of the Republic of Kazakhstan, representatives of large corporations, investors, international organizations, experts and business communities on December 1, 2021.

As a result of the Kazakhstan Trade and Investment Forum, a number of international agreements were signed and bilateral meetings were held with investors.



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