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What we offer:
•    Enrollment in the Austrian Universities
•    Applying to University on a client's behalf
•    Submission of documents to the Admissions office
•    Correspondence with the administration about the progress of enrollment
•    Receiving the response (decree of enrollment)
•    Sending out the original decree of admission by mail
•    Selection of property
•    Conclusion of the contract for housing and room reservation at the dormitory
•    Transfer agreement tenancy to the customer's address
•    Petition to Magistrate, in case of the Visa delay
•    Client meeting at the airport upon arrival
•    Transfer to the address of the leased property by client
•    Residence registration at local Magistrate
•    Opening a Bank account
•    Registration on language courses
•    Integration at the University upon arrival
•    Providing legal advices during the study at the University

Study Grant:
We enroll our customers in the Austrian Universities for free training. Grant of the Austrian Government. Grant students having citizenship countries: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Russia, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan can join this program.

Study in the Gymnasium:
We offer for foreign students, senior-school gymnasiums in Austria. Upon completion, graduates receive Mathura Certificate, allowing them to enroll in universities in Europe. Graduates of high-schools enter in Austrian universities, without examination and study for free. The Gymnasium’s have a dormitories, serving three times meal a day.

German courses:
Our company offers German language courses in Vienna: two week courses, two-three month courses, up to six months courses. For our customers we seek out housing and send an invitation to obtain a Visa.

Excursions in Vienna:
We offer educational trips for groups of High school students. Tour of the University of Vienna and sightseeing trips. Tours for up to 8 days.

Real Estate in Austria:
We provide services - Real Estate in Austria for foreigners, rent and purchase of the property. Also we provide services in the executing Bank Credits for residential Mortgages. Loan up to 3% per year.